Continuous innovation driven by our customer-centric philosophy, proprietary CATAME® technology platform

Cutia focuses on the research and development of innovative and comprehensive solutions in the broader dermatology field.

We have a proprietary CATAME® technology platform, which includes: Colloidal-Emulsification-Active Encapsulation (CEAE) platform, Aerosol (ARS) platform, Transdermal Delivery (TDD) platform, Actives & Formulation Evaluation (AFE) platform, Micro/Nano-Particulates & Self-Assembly (MiSA) platform and Ex vivo & Efficacy Evaluation (EVEE) platform.

Our CATAME® technology platform integrates capabilities to customize transdermal delivery characteristics of drugs, develop micron and nano-sized particulates, evaluate formulation quality and stability and perform cutaneous pharmacokinetic analysis during the development process.

The CATAME® technology platform enables the development of a wide range of product dosage forms and the relevant formulation technology. Through the platform, we have built a competitive product pipeline of creams, sprays, ointments, aerosol foams and other dosage forms.

Our efficient R&D process is supported by a seamless collaboration of experienced internal teams and external scientific committees, resulting in an end-to-end R&D capability across the industry value chain.

Our experienced in-house R&D team comes from a variety of medical backgrounds and has diverse and in-depth knowledge that is critical to strengthening our R&D capabilities in dermatology, topical and transdermal drug formulation and delivery, and synthesis of novel molecules and assemblies.

We are also supported by our strong external scientific committees consisting of leading scientists, physicians and industry veterans.